Statement of Principles

We affirm the One, which is the Good, is the supreme and unknowable Godhead which manifested the Cosmos through the overflowing emanation of its superabundant goodness and that while the Cosmos is full of the Divine, the One is transcendent of the Cosmos.

We affirm the essential nature of Humanity is Divine, gifted with a Divine Soul, and knowledge of one’s Divine Soul, so far as possible, and through it the Divine Mind of the heavenly Creator, is the supreme form of self-knowledge and the first form of divine knowledge. This experiential knowledge, which is purifying, illuminating, and perfecting, is intuitive knowing or Gnosis.

We affirm the Divine can be experienced in manifold ways, as Deities, God, and a myriad other divine beings; through panentheism, polytheism, monotheism, and more, and that how the individual experiences the Divine cannot be dictated by anything other than their soul and reason.

We affirm that Gnosis may be experienced in many ways. We therefore promote freedom of thought along one’s journey towards self-knowledge and the Divine.

We affirm that the One is of a single, unitary nature, beyond essence and substance, whose superabundant goodness is brought into order and abundance through the Work of the divine, all-good, tripartite, Creator.

We affirm that we are guided towards becoming like God, so far as possible, and divine Unity, through the guidance and experiences of the Divinity especially set over our soul, and its entire series of divine beings, as well as through the heavenly Creator, who are the sources and imparters of Gnosis.

We affirm the Theurgic and Platonic Ekklesia that is founded through truth of the One as revealed by the purified souls of Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato, living through the generations as a chain of wisdom, and guided by the heavenly Creator and the holy theurgic and Platonic Successors.

We affirm the Five Mysteries of the Theurgic and Platonic Ekklesia, which were established by the Divine and are participated through human emulation, and other forms of sacred theurgy, to promote knowledge of the Soul and unity with the Divine and in the community of Believers who, with minds united, experience a common uplift.

We affirm the use of divinely inspired and sacred writings that reveal the Divine messages of faith, truth, and love throughout written history. We especially respect the works of Pythagoras, Plato, Iamblichus, Dionysius, their successors and others, as well as the Chaldean Oracles, as important sources for these teachings.

We affirm and recognize Divine Souls to be present in all humanity, and therefore our Offices are open to all humanity without discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, race, social status or sexual orientation.